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Suvganiyot for Jesse

JPPS-Bialik is harnessing the spirit of Chanukah to Help Find Jesse.  Let the miracle of the season contribute to the “It takes a Village-the Jesse Galganov Fund” endeavor, raising much needed funds to support the continued search for Jesse Galganov.

 Treat your family to 12 (or more) kosher, nut free donuts from Montreal Bakery Homemade Kosher. PRICE: 15$ per dozen.   All profits to go directly to Help Find Jesse.

Orders must be received by 12:00 pm Thursday Dec 14th.  Pick up will take at school on Friday December 15th as of 2:00 PM.   There are three varieties to choose from- chocolate, jelly and/or sugar. There is a minimum order of one dozen which can be divided into 2 varieties (6 of one flavor and 6 of another). Please specify your preference when ordering.